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GymScale™ is the system you need if you want to grow revenue, increase retention, and, most importantly, take back time for yourself.

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Our Process

A simple, yet powerful and  efficient process

No Need To Complicate Things... 3 Steps Is All You Need

1. Automations

Automations are the key to scaling your business. Our system allows you to create automations for every step of your business, allowing you to focus on growth.

2. Lead Nurturing

Turning leads into customers can be very difficult and time-consuming in today's social world. Our hands off lead nurturing system automatically turns your new leads into paying clients.

3. Growth & Scale

Once your systems are built out, the focus will then people to fill your new pipeline with qualified leads and let your new system start bringing new clients into your gym.

The Current Problem

Is This The Right Method To Get New Members In My Gym?

Some of these may sound familiar, they're the standard marketing techniques they tell all gym owners to use... these are outdated and are hurting your business

Gym Character Standing next to big red question mark looking confused
Purple magnify Glass

Creating 7 Day Free Trials

These are the standard "Get Your Free 7 Day Pass" that every gym in existence uses.

6-8 Week Challenges

You know, the lose 30 pounds in 8 weeks bullsh*t, people are tired of seeing these!

Free Personal Training Sessions

These are great, but you have so many competitors doing the same thing. Why should someone choose you?

New Year, New You Promotions

People have been hearing this for years, do something to stand out from your competition!

The Solution

Use GymScale To Consistently Bring New Members Into Your Gym

We help gym owners generate 30-40 new members every single month.
We do this by leveraging our 3 step proprietary system that your competitors aren't using

Step 1

Competitor Research

The first step is we take time to research and figure out what makes your ideal client tick, so we can craft our messaging accordingly to persuade them to jump on board with your mission.

Then we spy on your competitors to gain a complete understanding of your market’s landscape, and how we can position you as the market leader in your area

Gym Character Holding A Magnify Glass looking interested
Gym character holding a clock that is spinning and he's looking relieved

Step 2

Filtered Lead System

Your new GymScale Marketing System™ floods fresh leads into your new CRM, to automatically warm them up and have them begging to join your gym or program.

You don't want tire kickers in your pipeline who have no desire in joining your program, so all prospects are pushed through our advanced qualification system… Before you’ve ever spoken to them, they’ve completed an application to work with you and are dying to be enrolled.

Our GS Artificial Intelligence™ nurtures your leads for you Via automated texts, emails, ringless voicemails and has them automatically scheduling and showing up to your gym… No more cold calls or spending hours messaging prospects!

Gym character holding a clock that is spinning and he's looking relieved

Step 3

Scale To New Heights

While all these applicants and appointments are great, you need a system and ongoing flow of leads in order to massively scale.

Using our Targeted Facebook ads system, automated lead nurturing and qualifying systems, we have you covered by constantly launching new campaigns and content to your market, so you can focus on scaling your gym…

Gym Character Lifting weights and sweatingGym Character Lifting weights and sweating
Our features

1 Software To Take Your Gym To The Next Level

Advanced Marketing automations For Your gym

Automated CRM

Get access to your own personalized CRM to keep track of all leads & where they're at in the buying journey, track new member sign-ups, set tasks for employees, manage automated sequences & much more.

Pipeline Management
Automated Lead Tracking
Full Control Over Your CRM

2 Way Messaging With Clients

Respond directly to leads and clients texts and emails inside your own personalized CRM, making it easy to manage all your conversations from one place without the need to constantly check other platforms.

2 Way SMS
2 Way Email
All Your Conversations In 1 Place

Email, Phone & SMS Automations

Automations have never been easier, create custom email and SMS sequences to go out to leads and prospects at every step of the buying journey. You can even leave ringless voicemails on their phones!

No More Manual Follow Up
Never Forget About A Lead Again
Increase Rapport With New Leads

Advanced Lead Nurturing System

Get access to done for your Email, SMS and Phone automation sequences to make sure every lead is properly vetted, qualified and nurtured, so we maximize the amount of members signing up at your gym.

Pre Built Winning Automations
Lead Nurturing Campaigns To Help Turn Leads Into Paying Members
Qualify Leads To Avoid Tire Kickers

Appointment Scheduling

Why waste time setting up appointments when it can be done for you? Our System automatically schedules your new leads and puts them in your calendar without you ever having to do a thing!

Automated Appointment Scheduling
Syncs With All Major Calendars
Custom Booking Page

Dedicated Marketing Manager

Stop wasting time and pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to advertise your business and let our team handle bringing new members into your gym, well you focus on doing what you LOVE.

Our Team Will Run Your Ads
Analytics & Data Tracking
Facebook Lead Integration
+ So Much More
About Us

The great team of industry experts behind GenX

GenX Media is comprised of multiple different talents from around the world working together to bring business owners and industry leaders an automated system that will reliably and consistently generate new revenue for there business

About Us
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Case Studies

The results speak for themselves

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The Model Trainers

How we helped The Model Trainers Create Their Brand & Launch Their Marketing Strategy

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Increase in New Customers
New Sales

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

We've helped dozens of business owners and industry leaders automate and scale their companies.

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Tellus fames sollicitudin fermentum elementum risus vulputate. Vitae sed eu nec urna.”

Sean Alexander
CEO of The Model Trainers

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Tellus fames sollicitudin fermentum elementum risus vulputate. Vitae sed eu nec urna.”

Jason Larson
Marketing Lead at Google

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Tellus fames sollicitudin fermentum elementum risus vulputate. Vitae sed eu nec urna.”

Sophie Moore
Head of Marketing at Facebook
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Frequently Asked Quesions

I’ve tried Facebook ads, and haven’t seen much success. What’s going to be different?

We’ve run ads in multiple countries. We’ve run ads for Regular Gyms, CrossFit, Yoga Studios, even cycling classes. It’s safe to say after being awarded Facebook Marketing Partners (by Facebook), that we’ve earned the right to say we know how to make gym owners money

What's your typical cost for your service?

To be quite frank, we want to speak with you before we dive into the nitty-gritty. We are confident that we can help gym owners in any industry, but still keep our software and system invite only. The thing is, we want to work with gym owners that we love, and want the feeling to be mutual for both parties!

What certifications does GymScale have?

Our team has certifications with multiple of the largest marketing and analytics platforms on the market today. These include but not limited to; ManyChat Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, Google Marketing Partner etc

facebook marketing partner badgeGoogle Sales Partner Badge

How do I know this will work for me?

One way to find out for certain is to schedule a call with us. Again, we’ve helped gyms of all varieties. Brand-new gyms, CrossFit Gyms, Boxing Gyms, and more. But, we want to speak with you and truly understand if we can bring you a massive amount of value. This ensures that everyone gets the best experience possible.

Do you guarantee your marketing results?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of marketing we cannot guarantee results as we can not predict the market, location, and how a product/service will perform in the market. Rest assured we take all the necessary steps to try our best to give you the best possible results

I don’t have or use Facebook, does that matter?

This doesn’t make a difference whatsoever. The reason Facebook has grown the way it has is because of one core element, ease. Facebook's presence doesn't matter when acquiring clients using their platform, and if you don’t have an account or page, it’s a simple five-minute set up.

I am already using a CRM, does that matter?

Our CRM platform is a pivotal piece to success with our system. However, we integrate with most mainstream CRMs using Zapier, if needed.

Is this only for Gym Owners?

Yes, yes, and absolutely yes. We prefer to only help those who we know how to get the best results for. If you’re a Gym owner of any kind, whether it be in person at your gym or an online training, we're your team! If not, no problem, but we’re not the right fit for you.

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