10 Great Content Marketing Ideas To Get New Members At Your Gym

There are hundreds of ways that you can market your gym, especially in the digitally connected world we live in now. When it comes to fitness marketing, there is a lot of fun and engaging content ideas you could run.

There are hundreds of ways that you can market your gym, especially in the digitally connected world we live in now. When it comes to fitness marketing, there are a lot of fun and engaging campaigns you could run.

Using digital marketing, you could target and promote your gym to your ideal audience where they spend most of their time. You can promote your gym offers and promotions straight to their phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, etc.

Reaching your ideal audience has never been easier in todays social world but you do need to know what to market to them once you’re in front of them. Just like when working out, there needs to be a goal to focus on in order to produce results. Are you looking to increase members, raise brand awareness, create evangelists from your current members?

Having a goal will also help you narrow down your focus. As the difficulty is not getting in front of your audience but getting their attention. (You have about 3-5 seconds to catch their attention before they'll scroll right past you) You need to make sure your “offer” is something your target finds interesting and relevant to their current situation

You wouldn’t market the same thing to your current members as you would non-members. You also wouldn’t offer an individual trying to increase strength a weight loss program. Most of the time you'll probably have about 10-15 different reasons why your potentials customers would want to sign up with you, that's why it's important to split test different videos or programs.

So I raise you the same question. How are you going to get the attention of your ideal gym audience? Are you going to get them to walk into your gym with a discount or maybe lure them with a giveaway or contest? What is the one thing they couldn’t help but click?

For example; I’m currently part of a ABC gym. I’m a “Loyal Customer” and have no plans on going to any other gym. I’m a relatively new member, and I’ve been working extra hard on getting the movements correct. A creative way to get my attention would be in improving and perfecting form. I bet there are a lot of gym members that would love to develop their movements and would gladly sign-up for more one-on-one training. Remember you can market to current members to keep them happy, get them to purchase more and get them to become your gym promoters. The more people talking about you the better!

Knowing what would and what wouldn’t work for your gym has a lot to do with the type of gym you own. The promotions you run for a regular gym are completely different that those of a crossfit or cycling gym.

Knowing your gym audience and what makes your gym special over the competition will help you use the correct verbiage when marketing your gym.  

Once you have your target audience defined the next thing you need is an idea. How are you going to market your gym? What are you going to do to get them to click on your ad, promotion, offer or blog post?

To give you a helping hand and to get your ideas flowing here are 10 digital fitness marketing ideas you can use to market your gym.

1. Free Trial At Your Gym

Use your website to create a landing page where non-members can sign up with their email to receive a free one-to-one session with a personal trainer or join in for a class or a 7 day free trial at your gym.

When the individual provides you with their name and email to get the free class or offer you now have their information and are able to re-market to them so you can provide them with more information even after they claim their free training to potentially get them to sign up full time with you.

These people are testing out the waters need to be wooed. They have to feel like they fit in; they will achieve the results they are looking for and feel comfortable. This effort might seem like a lot to take care of in one class or a 7 day trial. But it makes the difference from them loving their experience and wanting to sign up on the spot to just liking it and not giving you money.

But don’t worry, if they don’t sign-up right there and then you can always provide them with on-going valuable content via Facebook, Twitter, and Email since you now have their information (GymScale provides you with fully automated client nurture campaigns to be sent to your leads via SMS, Email, Voicemail Drops plus so much more to help fully automate this process so you can focus on more important tasks then chasing after non-paying clients -- Click Here To Contact Us Today And Start Scaling Your Gym)

2. Special Promotion on Your Gym Anniversary

On your gym anniversary run a promotion for the first 20 non-members that visit the gym. The special price largely depends on your monthly membership costs and the type of gym you own. If you have a one-to-one personal training company, it might be a little more costly for you to give six months for free with a 12-month contract versus a big box gym.

Evaluate your membership and provide a unique offer that will get people in the door. When the 20 people do arrive, make sure you give them a tour, introduce them to the coaches/trainers and make them feel welcome. Being unique is key to leaving a lasting impression on your new leads.

3. Summer Shred Facebook Promotion

A summer shredFacebook promotion is perfect for a group of women or even men looking to get in shape for summer. Starting January 1st when the fitness motivation is at its highest and ending the first day of summer would be the ideal timeline. Since you’re trying to attract new members to your gym, the “Summer Shred Promotion” would be a unique program as so many men and women are self conscious about their bodies when summer comes around.

Marketing this as a special 6-month high-intensity program that is different from the regular class workouts. New members would sign up for six months at a special price and once they are hooked and love the results they see they would potentially sign up for a long-term commitment to your gym.

Getting individuals to act towards achieving a goal when they are thinking about it the most, like the new year, would get the most amount of participation.

There are three things that make this campaign work:

It’s top of mind – The New Year.

Has a start date and end date – Clear timeline for the individual to reach their goal.

It’s emotional – this is a soft spot for a lot of people and great for hitting and emotional pain point which is great for making people make a purchase.

4. Leave A Google Review, Get A Free Pass For Your Family/Friends

Google reviews not only look good when people are searching for a gym to commit to but people really read them and it helps your business rank higher than your competition in the google rankings!

And more than not, it influences their decision. If you’re lacking in Google reviews get your members to leave you reviews and provide everyone that leaves a review a free month pass to give to their friends or family!

This kills three birds with one stone.

First, you get Google reviews on your page which looks good to non-members and is great for the google algorithm

Second, your members will be very happy to give that month free pass to their best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or relative. It gives them the chance to share their gym experience with a loved one and opens you up to a new potential customer!

Third, it gets new people to your gym. Once the new member is in your gym make sure you close them before the one month is over! If for some reason they don’t end up signing up at your gym ask why and learn from it for the next customer

The worst thing you can do when providing free passes is not asking for the membership, not paying special attention to them and not asking for feedback if for some reason they don’t want to commit to a membership. Paying attention to them will show them that you care about them and their results!

5. Local Business Challenges

Do you run a corporate wellness program? Do you have multiple businesses working out at your gym? This is a great opportunity to run an organizational challenge.

Get local businesses to compete against each other. Give the winning business either a free membership for 6 months, products (such as vitamins, protein powder, etc.) or a trophy (because everyone loves to have their new trophy in their office).

Business owners are innately competitive and getting them to have a competition with other business owners will get everyone working towards a goal, resulting in more sales for your gym.

The competition could be whatever suits your gym. It could be weight loss, the total time devoted to working out, increasing in strength, or even tracking how many employees scan in each day!

When doing a competition such as this there need to be guidelines, rules, set a timeline and a visual display of who’s winning. People love to se visuals and will have the participants pushing even harder to get in-front of their "rival"

6. Give People Who Check-In On Facebook A Free Week Pass

Everyone has a phone in their hands today so why not take advantage this and provide a free week pass to new check-ins on Facebook

Promote your offer on Facebook via an ad and only show it on mobile phones. Get their attention with a free week at your gym and make sure you have a system set up to sign them up after the one week is over so you don't miss out on the sale! You can even get hyper-focused by only hitting prospects that visited your website but didn’t convert by using Facebook retargeting.

7. Create A Gym Member Of The Month/Week

Do you have exceptional gym members that are coming everyday and working hard towards their goals? Of course you do! This is an amazing way to make your members feel special by featuring a member of the week or month on your website and social media accounts.

Everyone loves that feeling of being recognized and there is no better way to keep your members smiling than them knowing their personal trainers and coaches are paying attention to them and their results!

Take a photo of your special member during or after a workout, share why they are so amazing and recognize them on your digital channels & website! Want to take it one step further, create special t-shirts that has a special saying or acronym on them.

Fitness marketing is not only about attracting new members but keeping your current members happy so they stay with you for years to come.

8. Weight loss Challenge

You can test a lot of different fitness marketing campaigns but one thing that will always bring people together is weight loss. Whether this be a group or individual effort a weight loss campaign with a start date, end date, weight goals and coaches to help the individuals along the way will get members and even non-members on board. I mean who doesn't want to lose weight?

When it comes to a weight loss challenge you don’t just have to limit it to your members. Make the challenge open to everyone for a fee. You can let current gym members join the challenge for free as they're already paying you every month!

A weight loss challenge accomplishes two great things. It helps members reach their goals and it gets non-members in your gym.

Besides the gratification of losing weight, you can give the winner something awesome. This prize will depend on the type of gym you own, for example if you own a regular gym the prize could bring supplement products or even gym gear! Get creative with it, the better the prize the more people you'll have sign up to be apart of the program!

9. Answer Everyday Questions via Blog Posts or Youtube Videos

You know those questions that members continuously ask you during class? This is the perfect opportunity to answer these questions on your website! Not only will these blog posts help with current members but now you have a place your non-members can turn to for resources and FAQs.

Want to take it one step further? Create short videos answering the question and post them on YouTube. Some people are more visual then others, this is also a great way to build your youtube audience as people are constantly on youtube searching gym questions and exercises!

Current members can now also have a resource that they can turn to again and again when they need that extra bit of teaching or forget something that you told them.

Creating this unique content is not only a great time saver but it also helps your website rank for more keywords which pushes you higher up on the google ranks!

Providing consistent, valuable content that is SEO optimized will get more people to your website organically!

Make sure in these blog posts you have a way to capture the new visitor information and then you start creating an email list. An email list for your non-members and members. This is a great way to send your non-members special offers to come sign up at your gym

10. Create Custom Meal Plans For Your Members To Try

Ask anyone and they'll tell you, one of the most difficult aspects of fitness and having a healthy lifestyle is nutrition! You know food is a constant battle with members so help them out with this by creating meal plans for them to follow.

A big problem with eating healthy is that so many people don’t know what to eat or how to make “healthy” food taste good. This is actually a leading reason for why people quit working out, they get tired of trying to make new foods or constantly eating the same bland tasting food.

You might be thinking right now, how is meal plans a fitness marketing campaign?

This falls in line with answering your member questions on your website via blog posts. Provide FREE content that people want and find valuable, this will draw people in. Nutrition is one of the hardest thing for people to master so by providing a meal plan on your website (gated of course) will keep your members and non-members happy. They will feel like you’re going the extra mile, working harder to make sure they are seeing the results they want.

Now I know many of you are probably thinking, what does “gated" mean? When you create something like a meal plan, something that can be downloaded and saved on someone’s phone or computer or even printed is considered an “offer.” In order to get this offer the first time visitors will need to provide you with some of their information in order to access this resource. This could be name, email and an extra question such as; “Are you currently a member at our gym?”

When you ask for this information this individual is now in your email list. From then on you could send them more valuable information and updates about becoming a member.

Fitness marketing is more than just ads with pictures of super fit people with abs. Anyone can post that. It’s about communicating the right message to the right person at the right time using the right method. Get that correct and you’ll be turning away members due to capacity issues.

Remember don’t try to sell, rather provide value, help your members and non-members reach their goals and you’ll see start seeing a different response immediately.

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